The Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Local Business

In today’s digital age, how would you feel as a small business if you found out that 90% of customerssay that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews? I’d imagine that you’d perk up and either pat yourself on the back if your business already has a strategy in place for acquiring reviews and […]

9 Ways Faking Online Reviews Will Destroy Your Business

In an age when majority of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, it’s very tempting to give yourself 5 stars and post fake positive reviews of your own products and services. Many business owners have done it – to boost their business reputation, attract potential new customers, and gain […]

Keyword Based SEO Is Dead, All Welcome Penguin!

After a period of development and testing, Google is now rolling out an update to the Penguin algorithm in all languages. What does this mean for you? Well simply stated, the old methods of “meta-keywords, backlinking, using loads of keywords, and so on are going away and Google is now focusing on the actual quality of your […]

Adding Loads Of Keywords Is Probably Doing Your Website More Harm Than Good

Keyword stuffing, or the practice of shoving as many seo keywords onto a page as physical possible, has long been the bane of SEO white hats everywhere. There was a time when the method of stuffing worked as well on a webpage as it does in a turkey. Back in the early years of search […]

Stop Setting up a huge service area on Google My Business

Google My Business gives its users the ability to set their radius of service around their physical address. This allows customers to see how far a business is willing to travel to visit a customer. However, some business owners set their radius to its maximum in the hope of ranking across several locations. Unfortunately, in reality […]

Don’t Worry About Your City Being In Your Domain Name

Arguably the most old-hat technique is the use of exact match domains with location qualifier.  These are website URLs which use a combination of service–keyword + location in them, as opposed to the business name or brand. A typical example of this is These types of domains reek of manipulative search engine practices. They were very common a […]

Why Modern Design Is Important For Your Website

Try a simple test – think of something you need more information on, search for it in Google and click on a link that looks like it will have the answers for you. On that website, how long does it take you to find the information you’re looking for?  Is it quick and easy or […]

Does Your Top-Level Domain Affect Your SEO

With the coming of many new generic top level domains (gTLDs), we’d like to give some insight into how these are handled in Google’s search. We’ve heard and seen questions and misconceptions about the way we treat new top level domains (TLDs), like .guru, .how, or any of the .BRAND gTLDs, for example: Q: How […]

A Note From Google: Stop Leaving Fake Reviews!

An update to Google’s spam detection algorithms will grow the number of reviews appearing on some Google+ Local pages. And Google has shared some advice with reviewers, business owners, and SEO professional on how to keep reviews from being deleted. Google warns business owners that “fake glowing testimonies” written by SEO or reputation management companies […]

Do Social Media Feeds Help Your Websites SEO?

In short, not really. There are no negatives to streaming content like (G+, Facebook or Twitter) , although it isn’t likely that these will be seen as “constantly updated content”, especially due to how some of these feeds are coded. Often, they use iframes or similar that don’t actually show Google’s bots what is in the streamed […]